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Welcome to The Olive Store and our selection of the finest olives and olive oils from the Spanish province of Andalucia plus more gastronomic and lifestyle delights from the whole of Spain. 

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Our olive oil uses only the finest Picual variety which have produced an easily recognisible yellowish shade of oil which is fruity, fresh and fragrant with a slightly peppery aftertaste. 

Our olives are the exquisite, small and tasty Manzanillas so common in bars and restaurants in Spain rather than the big, bitter varieties which are often sold and served back in Britain but which put off so many people.

Neither our olive supplier nor the olive oil cooperative has ever exported to Britain before and their products are aimed at, and suited to, the Spanish domestic market. Their products are as authentically Spanish as it is possible to get and they sell widely across the whole of Spain. The Olive Store now brings that authentic taste of Spain back home to Britain.

Our products are already being used in some of the best restaurants, shops and delicatessens. 

"My customers have said they really appreciate being able to buy an olive oil they do not see in supermarkets, with real taste and at an affordable price'
Vicky Moffitt, Vallum Farm Shop, Northumberland.

Why We Love Olives

Just as the Brits abroad traditionally take their teabags and baked beans with them so many Spaniards coming to Britain for holidays or work bring their own bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil complaining that what is generally on sale in Britain is either poor quality, blended for blandness, lacking authenticity or vastly overpriced.

olivesOlive oil and olives are increasingly popular in Britain. Many restaurants now offer a dish of olives to go with your basket of bread as you sit down at your table. This is a crucial moment as anything served at this pre-ordering stage, in isolation and with plenty of time to think about it, can be off-putting.

Bowl of olivesThis drive to encompass foreign products (in this country not always of the highest quality) is related to the health benefits to be found in the famous Mediterranean Diet. Of course olives and olive oil are central to that Diet.  Find out more at olives and health.

Now the Spaniards can leave their bottles behind and we can all enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet by contacting The Olive Store for quality olive oil and olives at prices we can all afford.

If there is something you want but you do not see, let us know. We are regularly bringing in products from Spain and we will order you your favourite foods and products. We are specialist buyers and importers and will always get you the best.


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