A love of olives

About The Olive Store

The Olive Store is a specialist importer of the finest Olives and Olive Oils from Andalucia, the heart of the Spanish Olive Oil industry.  The Olive Store selects the best olives and oils from the region, recognised as one of the best olive regions in the world.  The Olive Store is the sole UK distributor for Oleocampo S.C.A., a cooperativebased in Torredelcampo, in Andalucia.

About the Founder

bowl of olivesThe Olive Store was founded by Michael Derham - a recognised expert in Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures.

His big love affair with the Spanish-speaking world began with holidays in Spain as a young man. This led to a complete change of career to study Spanish and Hispanic history. He has lived, worked and travelled all over the world including the whole of Spain and Latin America. He has imported fine art and handicrafts from Peru and sold them in the Canary Islands (where he had his own radio show) and the UK.

pictureAt the same time he has completed three university degrees, researched and published on Latin American politics and history, developed a career as a university lecturer and become a media commentator on Venezuelan politics. He has now converted that academic relationship into a more practical one by setting up The Olive Store which is the culmination of many years of study, travel, experience, dreams and plans.

The products provided by The Olive Store are the result of extensive research. These products are not readily available elsewhere in the UK. The Olive Store now supplies restaurants, retailers and households accross the UK.

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