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olivesPlease browse our range of fine olives and oils from the heart of Spain.  If you are a business and you expect to be making regular orders then please call us to discuss wholesale terms.

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Filtered Oils

This picual variety Extra virgin Olive oil is sold in various bottle designs to suit different requirements. In every case it is exactly the same oil. The filtered extra virgin oil has a beautiful clear consistency and rich flavour.

Unfiltered Oils

Half a litre of sensual oil sensation; it is just asking to be drizzled on your food and is unbeatable on a tomato and fresh basil salad, for example. This extra virgin oil is taken out right at the start of the process and is given to the tas

Cooking Oils

For those who prefer milder tasting oil for cooking we have Sabor Suave or ‘mild flavour’ which contains 30% extra virgin oil and 70% ordinary olive oil.

Premium Extra Virgin Picual Olive Oil

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The Picual olives are picked, pressed, and processed on the first day of the harvest. This is pure olive juice as fresh as you can possibly get. An exquisite light, fresh oil ideal for healthy salads, dressings or just for drizzling on rustic bread. Bottle is dark glass, 500ml.

£12.95 inc VAT

Extra Virgin Picual Olive Oil 250 ml

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Olive oil made from the Picual olive is Spain's biggest selling variety but we rarely see in the UK as it has some real flavour. It also has a higher smoke point than most extra virgin oils. I will happily fry my bacon and eggs in it. Dark glass bottle, 250 ml.

£0.00 inc VAT

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