wineWhy choose The Olive Store?

As a business person you know how important first impressions are. Many restaurantlady drinking wines now offer a dish of olives to pick at with your bread while ordering and waiting for your starter. This is a crucial time: no-one's palate has been unduly affected by alcohol yet and there is plenty of time to reflect on the surroundings and what is on offer. The wrong olives at this stage can create a poor impression. Does this restaurant care enough about me and my custom to buy good quality olives? It is only a small thing but if you get it right it can set the whole evening off on the right note.

"My customers have said they really appreciate being able to buy an olive oil they do not see in supermarkets, with real taste and at an affordable price'
Vicky Moffitt, Vallum Farm Shop, Northumberland.

When running a business keeping costs low is crucial but never at the expense of quality. Oils are a crucial part of the cooking and food-preparation process and lend their flavour to your carefully-prepared meals and salads. You cannot afford to give second best. Some ‘olive oil' used in kitchens smells like engine oil; some has no smell and no taste either, made deliberately bland for the UK palate without ever asking us. Consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has increased in Spain over the last decade while that of sunflower oil has dropped. That increase in Olive Oil use has been noted particularly in the domestic sector for delicious home cooking. Prisons and hospitals have continued to use sunflower oil.

saladMaking an order

At The Olive Store we specialise in bringing you the best quality at fantastic value prices. We sell products with the authentic taste of Spain.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for cooking and salads as it is very stable due to its high content of monounsaturated acids and antioxidants.

Our 5 litre plastic bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
£72.00 for a case of three 
Free delivery within a 10-mile radius of our storage depot at Matfen, Northumberland. Or, add P+P of £13.50 for the case. 

Please ring to discuss your order.

If you have any particular requirements, want different size bottles or to place a large order please phone 01661-886755.


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